I had the pleasure of being treated by Gladys Wong for Energy Healing. She graciously and passionately treated me as well as educating me about the whole process so I can practice at home to get energy through my chakras. I highly recommend Gladys as she has extraordinary intuition power and can even heal remotely. We are so lucky to have angels like Gladys among us to help us heal.

M. S. (Software Engineer) Jan 28, 2022

I chose Gladys because of testimonials at healthhealingenergy.com on how she fixed issues clients didn’t even mention, and also because she is graduated from the Academy of Intuition Medicine and does Qigong. I didn’t even tell Gladys I had neck and hip issues. But right after my session, I could move my neck normally, look over my shoulder before changing lanes, and stretch my hips in a way I had been trying to for six months.

When I mentioned my other health issues, Gladys shared surprising nutrition tips that I didn’t find in all my years of research and visiting western, eastern, or alternative practitioners. I also liked the karmic contract visualization.

Gladys helps clients heal themselves instead of depending on others.

J. C (Journalist) Mar 2, 2020

The distance energy healing work that I received from Gladys was amazing. 😊 As I am energy sensitive, I could feel the impact immediately with my chakras regaining their energy, and then a grounding feeling into the core of the earth. The next morning I awoke afresh and felt like I got myself and my motivation and direction back again with much more clarity. Thank you so much, Gladys, I know I can rely on you when I need a recharge and an energy boost.

C. W. (Health Psychologist – United Kindom)  6/10/2019

Gladys is a gifted healing practitioner. Her energy work has profound effects on both body and mind. I am grateful for the many times she has helped me recover my energy when living life has drained me.

K. M. (Family Counselor) 3/3/2013

Meeting Gladys has been an important part of my spiritual transformation. From guided meditation and distance healing and to teach me Qigong, I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Gladys. It was not by accident.

W. M. (Marketing Director)    5/26/2013

I was referred to Gladys Wong by a trusted friend who indicated that Gladys is extremely talented and has very high integrity with her remote healing work. After I had three very stressful years that included a job change, a cross-country move, personal relationship trauma, and financial troubles. Although I am a mentally strong person, all of these took an extreme toll on my adrenal system and overall body functions—I was on thyroid medication, which made me gain weight and increased my lethargy. Also, I had severe digestive and rectal issues along with kidney stones. I reached out to Gladys for an initial healing session.

She spoke to me while at work and gave me some quick tools for relaxation and meditation; both of which helped immensely.  She performed her initial healing session that evening, and I noticed a difference the next morning.   When I read Gladys’s summary of her findings, it was incredible.  I had not shared with her the details of the causes of my stress, but she diagnosed the root of my symptoms precisely. After Gladys’s healing, I developed five sores on my back outlining the left kidney where she focused some of her healing.   These sores were the results of releasing toxins retention in my kidneys. They healed within the week. My digestive problems have dissipated, and I had a marked improvement in energy levels.

I did another session with Gladys six weeks later when she helps diagnosed an issue my 13-year-old daughter was experiencing with her left calf.   The doctors had been performing multiple tests (ultrasounds and MRIs) to determine the cause of the pain and swelling. Gladys correctly diagnosed the issue as muscle tightness and prescribed massage and physical therapy long before my daughter’s specialist came to that conclusion.

I will continue to utilize Gladys’s wisdom and healing benefits for years to come. I trust her implicitly and am comforted that she is a resource for me mentally and physically.

M. O. (VP in Sales)   4/21/2014

When I contacted Gladys from where I live in Colorado, I had limited movement in my lower back due to a car accident. It was getting so bad that I could not even undress or reach and pick up my cup of tea. I explained briefly to her about the discomfort on my back and the accident, and she responded that she would look into it that evening. What I did not mention to her was that for the last three days I had been feeling as if I was being poisoned. I was not sure that healing would be able to help me, but it was worth a try.

The next morning as I awoke, I thought I would struggle to get out of bed. To my great surprise, I was able to sit on the edge of the bed and then stood up and was able to walk and get dressed in no additional discomfort. I proceeded to fix my breakfast and do my regular chores. It was incredible. And that feeling of being poisoned was gone. I then went to my computer to find a comprehensive explanation from Gladys about her remote healing from California.

She had found a high level of toxins due to the highly inflamed tissues and muscles and had energetically detoxed me. That day I was not only able to get into my car, but I drove, did grocery shopping, and even drove to the airport to pick up my spouse. It has been a month since the healing, and I have not had a relapse. Furthermore, she suggested I do some breathing exercises to help sustain the healing process.

Gladys’s healing is exceptional for many reasons. She is knowledgeable in Chinese medicine as well as in Western methodologies. This background, combined with her acute intuitive skills and use of rigorous protocols distinguishes Gladys from most other remote healing practitioners.

D. S. (Dean of Education)    1/19/2013

I met Gladys through the employee wellness fair at work. I was skeptical about how energy medicine could help me at all. But I decided to try it out. I went to the first session without any expectations. All I was hoping for was to improve my mental focus and increase my energy, so would not feel exhausted during work.

After a few sessions, my energy level increased—not as stressed. I can focus more on my job. After 4-5 sessions, I even notice my right leg that has polio for 40 years is slowly strengthening. I can put more pressure on it with less discomfort. Thank you, Gladys, for your help!

M. H. (Technical Director)    5/1/2014

About three years ago, I had an accident at my work site. I fell and displaced my right knee. Two years later, I decided to get a partial knee replacement. After the surgery, I had limited mobility on the knee. Three months after the surgery, I finally, decided to contact Gladys to see if she could help me to regain some mobility in my right knee. She came to my home and did some hands-on energy healing on me.—the touch was warming and relaxing. It was unbelievable! Immediately after the session, I could bend my knee—it became more flexible. Now, I was more confident in using my right knee. The physical therapist that helped me with my daily therapy was very impressed with my progress after my session with Gladys.

The hands-on healing session with Gladys has lessened the time of my recovery period.  I am thankful for her and impressed with the healing methods she uses. Gladys is a professional and caring healer who is passionate about her work.

L. W. (Private School Teacher)    4/22/2014

I am grateful to have Gladys as my tutor. She was able to coach me through some intensive self-healing. Listening carefully to what I struggled with, using her intuitive skills, Gladys was able to guide me through my journey of self-discovery. I love the way she walked me through meditations too. Her soft spirit and gentle humor allow me to feel comfortable to open up and be honest with myself. Her techniques are of a true healer. When I was sick with a feverish cold, she was able to use her distance healing skills to turn me around quickly. Gladys has a rich knowledge of healing skills; that should be shared by teaching others.

K. H. (Student at Academy of Intuition Medicine®)    6/18/2014

Gladys is a wonderful energy practitioner.  She brings vast knowledge and wisdom to her sessions. She could able to see intuitively areas of challenge for me and address them accordingly with her energy medicine toolkit. Her joyful laughter makes me feel completely at ease. Her sessions leave me feeling calmer, more grounded, and with a deeper connection with myself.

P .P.  (Private School Teacher)    4/15/2014

I have been a client of Gladys for many years, and I love that her healing methods are tailored to my individual needs. Oftentimes, she noticed my physical and emotional problems before I was even aware of them. When I make an appointment with her, I know I’ll feel better in as little as a day’s time.

Gladys is skilled, intuitive, and extremely caring and empathetic. I feel that she has gotten to know me as an individual, and not just as a client. Every time I visit Gladys, her bodywork techniques and spiritual counseling make me feel rejuvenated.

T. Y. (Medical Esthetician).   9/30/2018

I find Gladys to be a very well rounded Spiritual Counselor equipped with unique intuitive skills that you should experience yourself. Gladys can narrow down your areas of dis-ease and offer practical and sensible wisdom. I walk away after each session with a deep sense of serenity, well being, and connection with myself.

M. R. (Librarian).   9/5/2016

I have had sessions with Gladys for spiritual counseling, energy work (both in-person and at distance). She is helping me through some major health and emotional challenges. All of my sessions with Gladys have been very helpful, which is why I continue to have sessions with her regularly.

Gladys is authentic, open, intuitive, and caring. She is sincerely interested in me and my life and my health. She remembers everything I tell her, and I only have to give her a summary update on anything that’s changed for me since our previous session to move into our next session. Gladys’s perspective and philosophy have been beneficial and healing for me, especially on spiritual counseling.

If you need healing and support in your life, I suggest you try a session with Gladys. You will know in 1 or 2 sessions if she is a fit for you.

K M. (Retired Engineer).   9/7/2018


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