INTEGRATIVE BODYWORK (a whole person healing therapy)

Session includes:

  • Muscle alignment and massage to increase blood flow for expediting the healing of a bodily injury.
  • Energy balancing, to cleanse toxic energy and rebalance the auric field for better energy flow.
  • Guided Visualization, to stimulate the mind to use the sensory perception for self-healing of the physical body.
  • Life coaching for emotional management.
  • Suggestions on physical health maintenance.


Session includes:

  • Energy cleansing of the auric system to attune and increase energy flow.
  • Energy realignment and rebalancing of the chakras to remove bio-energy connection with other people to restore physical health.

OFFICE VISITS, (for rates and booking), please call:

  • Many Lives Chinese Medicine at (650) 366-4299 or Book Online 
  • New Life Chiropractic at (650) 598-5414

DISTANCE HEALING – What is Distance Healing?

Session includes:

  • Resolve karmic issues
  • Aura & Chakra cleansing
  • Enhance physical health
  • Body-mind balancing


SPIRITUAL CONSULTATION for self-healing & spiritual growth

Session (online/by phone) includes:

  • Self-finding, self-awareness, soul-retrieval, karmic energy cleansing, & guided meditation.
  • Introduce techniques to clients for spiritual growth.

$100/session  – approx 60 minutes over the phone.


Via email or over the phone.

Sliding Scale $20 – $50/session

MASSAGE FOR INFIRM ELDERS & those in Hospice Care (Session will be in the client’s home or residential facility between San Mateo to Redwood City)

$65/60 minute

QIGONG CLASSES (Meet outdoor—weekends only) call for appointments

Session includes:

The transfer of energy to the student, energy balancing, qigong exercise & visualization meditation.
Total 4 sessions — no commitment — drop out anytime.

$50/session – approx 60 minutes

Bring a friend $45/per person/per session. (2 person max)

A note of reminder: *Wear loose clothing for qigong classes; we meet outdoor. Bring a jacket because your body temperature will rise and causes your pores on your skin to open. Don’t catch a cold!

HOLISTIC CORPORATE COACHING (Design a program that suits your company’s needs).

Session includes:

  • Learning of the energy system & how the emotion connects to the physical body.
  • Guided meditation, Qigong exercise & self-massage.
  • Increase personal awareness and reduce stress for better work performance.

For rate contact,

For more information/make an appointment

*Courtesy cancellation is 24hrs. Before the session.

Payment is due upon each session in cash, check, or electronic transaction.

*DISCLAIMER: The session conducted between the client and the practitioner is for personal improvement and spiritual growth. It is not a medical solution. If you have any medical condition, please contact your healthcare physicians.


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