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How I benefit from using Clove Oil

Gladys Wong, CMT, MIM,

I had been swimming in an outdoor pool last summer and developed some freckles on my face. When winter comes, my tan starting to fade, and the patches become more visible. Everyone loves beauty. I want to get rid of them.

Clove oil helps to lighten and remove the marks, clearing out the skin. Clove oil has stimulating properties to exfoliate dead skin and increases blood flow to help revive the youthfulness of your skin. Clove oil also removes skin tags, pimples, and some skin problems.

Every morning, I clean my face with soap and warm water to open up the pores. I then exfoliate the dead skin with a face brush. While my face is still wet, I applied a mixture of a drop each clove oil and apple cider vinegar (as an acid peel) on my face and left it on throughout the day. In the evening, after I rewashed my face with soap and warm water and put on some serum for dry skin (any brand will do) and let the skin breathe. After a week, the dark patches are fading away, and the skin is nice and smooth.

When I first applied the clove oil on my skin, I felt a stinging sensation. Since it is an anti-bacteria substance, I believe the burning feeling is, the clove oil is doing its magic— clearing out the bacteria. The stinging sensation diminishes on each application, as the oil works on each layer of the skin. Soon, there is no more pain.

Clove oil not only helps put your skin back to a healthy condition, but it also has other incredible health benefits. Such as using the oil as a mouth wash or a remedy for toothache. I put a drop of clove oil on my Neem toothpaste and brush away. The mixture got rid of my plagues, leaving my teeth nice and clean, and my breath fresh. Neem also has antioxidant action. Maybe we can talk about it on my future blog.


Remember, your body is different than mine. If you develop an allergic reaction to edibles and health products, stop using them, and consult your health physician. Excessive consumption of anything can also lead to ill health. Always research your topic in-depth, exercise your intuition and common sense, and listen to your body.

Gladys Wong is merely sharing her personal experience with her audience to raise health awareness. You are solely responsible for your health. Always consult your doctor or dietician before you change your diet. Please use the above information at your discretion. Be well.

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