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Energy Medicine Is The Last Great Frontier In Medicine                        ~ Mehmet Oz

Energy Medicine is an alternative health treatment based on balancing the body’s bio-energy. For centuries, the Chinese have been using bio-energy to treat illnesses. They called this method Qigong; “qi” means energy, and “gong” means cultivation or mastery. Now, the healing modality has become popular in the West.

Energy is a subtle electrical wave that circulates in the environment and our bodies. Our body’s bioenergy components depend on the flow of energy to maintain balance— keeping our heart in rhythm—to stay alive.

Disruptive emotions interfere and obstruct the frequency of our energy field can cause poor blood circulation, which is the primary cause of most illnesses. Irritability can affect the normal function of the liver, which result in headache, redness of the eyes, and dry mouth.

Energy Medicine aims to clear blockages to increase the flow of energy for better blood circulation to promote self-healing of the body. The Chinese believed qi (the energy), travels along the meridians, the bioelectric pathways which energy flows. In acupuncture, the acupuncturist uses needles to stimulate qi flow in the meridians. In contrast, a skilled Qigong practitioner uses her hands to manipulate and balance the qi to maintain the patient’s health. The healing can also be done at a distance, where the patient is at the comfort of the home, while the practitioner balances the patient’s energy through the magnetic field. The method is called Distance Healing.

In the West, practitioners have taken Energy Medicine to a new level—an integrative therapy. The therapist combines Chinese Qigong, Chakra Healing (a sacred tradition of Hinduism), and Spiritual Healing, which involve guiding the patient’s spirit or consciousness to participate in rehabilitation.

Energy Medicine can improve every aspect of a person’s life. Frequent treatment can increase blood flow to energize the organs, relieve pain, improves vitality and mood, enabling you to stay focused and alert.


Energy Medicine is a complementary therapy to conventional medicine; to enhance the self-healing of the body, not a cure for illnesses. If you are sick, please consult your health physician.

Gladys Wong is merely sharing her personal experience with her audience to raise health awareness. You are solely responsible for your health.

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