Gladys Wong, CMT, MIM,

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

Last Christmas, I was at Jackson Square in New Orleans; I saw a Bishop outside of St. Louis Cathedral, shaking hands with his congregation. I lined up, thinking that I could ask for his blessing. When it was my turn, he said, “Merry Christmas.”, an usher motioned me to move on. Little that I knew he just wished everyone a happy holiday. I was disappointed.

I roamed around the square of many vendors. Painters and street performers were everywhere. I saw a lady shuffling her tarot cards; I sat in front of her. Her name is Rose; she said, “Twenty dollars for card reading and forty for a full reading.” I took out 40 dollars from my wallet, and she started reading, “2020 is a year of many changes…” Indeed, it is.

I had not been sick for 20 years, on New Years Day I arrived home, I came down with a terrible cold. Being a vegetarian does not mean that I am immune to illnesses, especially when I had been eating unhealthy food. Throughout the trip, all I ate was fried food, French fries, fried onions, down to a green tomato, it was fried. Greasy food causes phlegm; My system was congested—I was coughing my lungs out for weeks; that was my January.

February came, and so as Coronavirus. I was grateful to have work six days a week last year from July to December; by March, I am out of a job. What is going to happen to April, May, June, and the rest of the year? Who knows?

Love yourself. Eat well, exercise, breathe deeply, meditate, and make sure you have enough sleep. You never know, one day you wake up, the pandemic storm is over. Everyone says we are in a time of uncertainty. Every day is unpredictable; like the weather, some days are rainy, some are sunny. Right now, everywhere on earth is in a storm (so to speak). We need to live in the moment—dance in the rain. Ride the waves!

Be well.


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