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Somatic Approach ~ Healing the Body, Mind, & Spirit

Energy Medicine is not a luxury or an occasional treat. It is a valuable component of well-rounded healthcare.

Gladys combines Energy Medicine with Visualization Therapy, Spiritual Consultation, and Dietary Suggestion in her healing practice, which relieves a person from mental stress—emotions that get trapped inside the mind and the body.

“Anything that happens in the physical body will happen in the pattern of the energy fields first.” ~ Barbara Brennan

Energy Medicine. Energy is the subtle electrical wave that circulates in the environment and our bodies. Our aura (the bio-energy field or auric field) changes with our thoughts. Disruptive thoughts slow down the energy flow, creating poor blood circulation—a primary cause of all illnesses.

Gladys connects with the client’s bio-energy field through Hands-on or Distance Healing; balancing, and unblocking energy stagnation throughout the body to better the energy and blood flow.

Energy medicine improves every aspect of the well-being; it helps to expedite the body’s healing process, balance the emotions, and uplift the spirit.

“It is only a thought; a thought can be changed” ~ Lousie Hays

Visualization Therapy is a mind-body relaxation technique, using the mind to create mental images that stimulate sensory perception, encouraging the body to unwind.  Visualization therapy also helps to build self-esteem and reduce anxiety, improving performance in human relationships in general.

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Spiritual Consultation is not religiously based. However, beliefs do affect a person’s health and progress in life. A person’s health condition is based on the interconnection of the body, mind, and spirit (physical, emotional, and mental health).

Spiritual Consultation focuses on the personal development of the mindset to take charge of the life. The purpose is to develop self-awareness to attain inner wisdom to transforms a person’s outlook—making a behavioral change—turning goals into action.

Your body is the house of your soul.  Make it last by maintaining it well.

Diet Suggestions Unhealthy foods diminish energy, make the body works harder. Gladys incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, which employs the concept of yin and yang balance in her food suggestion, helping to create effective healing on the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


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