Distance energy healing is part of Gladys’s scope of practice in assisting people in various parts of the world to gain optimal health.


What is distance energy healing?

Distance energy healing or Distance healing is one of the most effective healing methods. The healer manipulates a subtle electricity, which scientists called bio-energy, the Japanese called it Reiki, and Chinese called it Qi.  For centuries, the Chinese have been using Qi to treat patients. Only in recent years, energy healing becomes popular in the West, there it is called “Energy Medicine”.

During a distance healing session, the client/patient does not have to be physically present with the healer because the healing is facilitated through the magnetic field; therefore, clients/patients can be treated anywhere in the world.

Does distance energy healing work?

Yes! Distance energy healing works equally well as a person physically presence at a hands-on healing session.

Here is one of Gladys’s stories on distance energy healing:

“I am a certified medical intuitive. Being clairvoyant and sensitive to the light spectrum, I can see energy patterns in and around a human body. In one of my energy healing sessions, I assisted a client to recover from a back injury that resulted from a car accident. The injury was so severe that the client was in serious pain, and had limited movement. My client decided to give distant energy healing a try.

Based on the methodology I learned from my medical intuitive training, I facilitated a distance healing from California to Colorado. The process took approximately one hour without physical communication with the client.

The healing technique I used was an integrative method of energy psychology and energy anatomy. To expedite the recovery, I asked the client to participate in the healing process by increasing the sleeping time. Sleeping slows down the conscious activities of the brain, which allows the body to perform its natural healing process. Slowing down the brain activities helps to remove any possible obstructions that may occur during the healing process, such as emotional anxiety, which causes the body to tense up.

During a trauma, the muscle contractions (spasms) occur immediately to protect the injured area. Due to the muscle memory process, the muscles remain in contraction until the memory is released. I slowly unlocked the stagnated energy along my client’s spine, freeing the muscles from bones so the spine can regain flexibility. I completed the session by rebalancing and strengthening all the chakras, which are energy points that react to the changes of emotions.  Physical traumas disrupt feelings and thoughts, if leave unattended, may result in further damage to other parts of the physical body.

The day after the healing session, the client reported a 90% recovery from the back pain and was able to drive and resume other normal daily activities. The actual distance healing has helped my client recover from the back injury. However, the most important factor is my client had faith in the healing process that provided the impetus to activate the body’s natural healing.  The client reported a full recovery within four weeks.”

Testimonial from the client:

“ When I contacted Gladys from where I live in Colorado, I had limited movement in my lower back due to a car accident. It was getting so bad that I could not even undress or reach and pick up my cup of tea. I explained briefly to her about the discomfort on my back and the accident, and she responded that she would look into it that evening. What I did not mention to her was that for the last three days I had been feeling as if I was being poisoned. I was not sure that healing would be able to help me, but it was worth a try.

The next morning as I awoke, I thought I would struggle to get out of bed. To my great surprise, I was able to sit on the edge of the bed and then stood up and was able to walk and get dressed with no additional discomfort. I proceeded to fix my breakfast and do my regular chores. It was incredible. And that feeling of being poisoned was gone. I then went to my computer to find a comprehensive explanation from Gladys about her remote healing from California.

She had found a high level of toxins due to the highly inflamed tissues and muscles and had energetically detoxed me. That day I was not only able to get into my car, but I drove, did grocery shopping, and even drove to the airport to pick up my spouse. It has been a month since the healing, and I have not had a relapse. Furthermore, she suggested me to do some breathing exercises to help sustain the healing process.

Gladys’s healing is exceptional for many reasons. She is knowledgeable in Chinese medicine as well as in Western methodologies. This background, combined with her acute intuitive skills and use of rigorous protocols distinguishes Gladys from most other remote healing practitioners.”

D. S. – Dean of a university.

Scientists continuously research into the field of energy medicine, which based on the Einstein’s theory—matter is energy. Now, energy medicine is being practiced in hospitals and clinics such as California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco where medical intuition practitioners participate as healing supporters.

For more information and science research on distant energy healing, visit the Institute of Noetic Science: Distant Healing Studies and Articles

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