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What is Integrative Bodywork?

Our thoughts affect our emotions, the way we behave, and our physical condition. Integrative bodywork is an Alternative Medicine—a whole person healing. The session blends many therapeutic modalities to meet individual needs. The therapist would use various methods to alleviate pain from minor physical injuries such as a sprain, expedite the patient’s recovery from surgery, and release tension due to emotional stress.

During the session, Gladys includes below methods to stimulate natural healing of the body.

• Massage: increase blood flow, detoxifies the body, and boost the immune system.
• Body Alignment: correct muscles imbalance—improve symmetry for better movement.
• Stretching: improve flexibility and remove waste in joints and muscle tissue.
• Breathwork: increase oxygen intake and relax the body and the mind.
• Visualization Therapy: relieve muscle tension and reduce stress.
• Energy Medicine (Reiki or Qigong): increase energy flow.

After the session, you will come out relaxed, energized, and feeling balanced.

Gladys Wong, CMT, MIM


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Gladys Wong, CMT, MIM

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